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How to prevent lower back pain and "waddling" during and after pregnancy. Explaining the Lauren Rotation™pending by: Birgitta Lauren Demonstration of the Lauren Rotation™pending

By Birgitta Lauren, www.expecitngfitness.com May 8th 2008
70% of Pregnant women are prone to get (mechanical) back pain, with some cases going on to become recurring and chronic (more serious).
 Since the predominant source of Low Back Pain in pregnant women is of lumbar posterior facet origin, most of the same basic assumptions and practices can also be applied to this group, much as it is in other patients with PFS (Posterior Facet Syndrome). 

Dr. David Sibley MD-FAAOS of the Physicians Spine Institute in Beverly Hills,
Consultant, United States Davis Cup Tennis Team, Mercedes Benz Cup and
Diplomat of American Board of Orthopedic Surgery etc… has proven conventional medicine wrong with his research, that with dynamic movement one can improve and rebuild connective tissue and cartilage between the facets of the spine. The Lauren Rotation does exactly that. This exercise reduces low back pain in individuals suffering from PFS by “cushioning” the facets by rebuilding the connective tissue, as well as improving posture, muscu-skeletal strength, flexibility, range of motion (ROM) and gait in the lower lumbar, pelvic and hip region in pregnant women.

The exercise is performed by placing one’s hands on a table, a sofa back, bench or tree, bending at the hip (90 degree angle). The back should be flat and horizontal, abdominals pulled for support. Especially when pregnant.  The Right leg is then lifted or extended back and rotated in as large of circle as is possible (by opening the hip joint ) around the side, forward and back down in a very controlled movement. Do not allow momentom to swing leg around. This rotation should be repeated 10-15 times in one direction. And then repeating the same with the Left leg, after which the Right and Left leg will perform the rotation in the opposite direction.  This exercise can be performed for 1 – 2 sets of each leg going in both directions first without any additional resistance. Anyone unaccustomed to this movement, may find that the leg can be heavy enough to start. When the exercise gets easier to perform, ankle weights can be added and made incrementally heavier. 
This exercise, if performed 2-3 times a week can not only prevent low back pain, but it will also strengthen and firm gluteus, outer & inner thighs, oblique’s, abdominals, and low back muscles. Because of the work by the “gait controlling” gluteus medius during this exercise, a “new-mom-to-be” can also prevent or minimize the infamous “pregnancy waddle” in her last tri-mester by doing the “Lauren Rotation”. Waddling is due to slack gluteus medius muscles and can have serious effects on a woman’s back and alignment for years after pregnancy.

Lauren Rotation

Lauren Rotation

Start by holding on to a tree, table or sofa. Bend forward at the hip and raise your leg back.

Lauren Rotation             Lauren Rotation
Open your hip and start rotating your leg around in as large of a circle as possible.
Lauren Rotation
Do 15 continuous dynamic rotations on one leg, repeat with other leg and then rotate each leg in the opposite direction.