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Excerpt from Electrical Nutrition, by Denie and Shelley Hiestand

With Cesarean births, mothers often have similar rejection problems to those who have natural births, which can manifest as postnatal depression. However, there is the possibility of the child suffering even more so than the mother.

The devastating effects on the child's electro magnetic system is amplified in C-section births due to the starvation effect that the child experiences as a result of the antibiotic bomb the mother was given prior to the Cesarean. No hospital will operate without the cover of powerful and broad-spectrum antibiotics.

The mother's colostrum, sometimes referred to as the foremilk, contains live enzymes and bacteria that are essential to start the digestive process within the new born baby's sterile stomach. Without this digestive process starting the infant is totally unable to ferment any food, therefore causing the effects of starvation due to the inability to be nourished.

The antibiotic shot given to the mother will devastate the enzymes and micro flora contained in her colostrum. When the baby suckles it is getting a largely dead, unfermentable food. This will be experienced by the infant as extreme discomfort and stomach cramping similar to food poisoning.

This is why a large number of baby's that are delivered by cesarean births loose weight dramatically post birth and do not appear to want, or to be nourished from the breast. A high proportion of these babies end up being fed formulas. Their discomfort is recognized by extreme crying and as soon as the formula milk is introduced they settle and appear satisfied. This is

because the formula milk contains some live enzymes and micro flora, which start the digestive process. However, formula milk is an extremely poor substitute for live colostrum and mothers milk.

One of the easiest ways mothers and midwives can overcome this problem is to use Supreme Flora/Flora Balance and Acidophilus Bifidis and other friendly floras mixed with natural yogurt and smear it around the nipple and inside the baby's mouth for all of it's initial suckling attempts. Also the mother can take up to three liters a day of this bacterial laced natural yogurt for up to a week after her antibiotic shot. This will rebuild the micro flora back into her system and with that the life giving aliveness of her breast milk.

The infant's stomach, by getting some of the correct gut bacterias from the natural yogurt will be able to start it's digestive process immediately and thereby be nourished by the mother's milk without the need for artificial milk formulas.

I have personally, in a clinical situation, been able to see the dramatic positive results of this yogurt kick start with cesarean birth babies. In these situations the baby's birth weight is surpassed within three days and the newborn loves the breast. Normally the baby is totally content and never cries. This, for cesarean births, is relatively rare.

To deny a new born infant nature's most potent food, by killing the colostrums ability to be fermentable and thereby available as nourishment to the infant is, to my way of thinking, inexcusable. However, all is not lost, as it is relatively easy to rebuild the mother's colostrum and the infant's digestive system to a more alive state by the introduction of correctly formulated natural yogurt.

To give you some idea of nature's power contained in colostrum, I have had countless lambs and calves showing next to no signs of life, so near death the only physical movement they could manage was a slow blink over deeply sunken and dry eyes. When given a few ounces of warm colostrum, they have within minutes been able to hold their heads up and voice their demands for more. In fact, I have had lambs brought into the house so dead and cold that normally I would have elected not to feed them. But within minutes of syringing colostrum in to their stomach, they have been running around the farm kitchen. That is the power of live colostrum.

For many years now I have been advising a large number of my clients, in particular some cancer sufferers and others with severe digestive disorders and chronic degenerative diseases, to find a source of colostrum. It was quite normal in the old days for the mother of a sick child to take that child to a neighboring farm and have the child suckle from the mother of a new born. In those days there was always one mother in the community who had just given birth. It is quite normal for children into their early teens to be treated with colostrum in this way.

It has always amazed me that the medical profession has never embraced the use of bovine colostrum for the treatment of many of the common illnesses. Colostrum (bovine or human) is the most powerful life giver or immune system rebuilder that is known to exist on earth. To treat cancer with extremely high levels of Electrically Available Enzymes, Electrically Available friendly Flora and Colostrum is nearly always successful. In fact to not treat cancer with the above is to have a death wish.

There is now available organically produced New Zealand bovine colostrum (contact www.electricalnutrtion.com). Finally some sectors of the scientific community are catching up to what I have been saying for twenty years (it's encouraging).

There is a specialist natural yogurt manufacturer in New Zealand who produces under license the world's first yogurt cultivated from the B.O.D. Strain of Bifidus bacteria (Supreme Flora/Flora Balance) that many doctors are recommending for various childhood digestive problems. For Doctors not to recommend rebuilding intestinal flora at the completion of an antibiotic treatment should be classified as malpractice.

This yogurt is made by Karikaas Yogurt Factory in North Loburn, South Island, New Zealand. This yogurt is made with exceptionally high standards of integrity and truly contains within it a frequency of energy and electrical compatibility with the human body that is extremely rare to find in any food.

The energy contained in this yogurt is largely due to the fact that this plant is a specialist family owned and run operation and the frequency of love and honor is contained within the amazing foods they produce. Their products have been recognized within an extremely competitive industry with the awarding of many gold medals for their specialist cheeses and yogurts.

Antibiotics and their chronic overuse in our normal medical system is the second biggest body bomb to post birth trauma and its impact on the health of our children is shockingly devastating. I have dealt with literally hundreds of children struggling with their health totally as a result of indiscriminate antibiotic use. It is my opinion that for a doctor to prescribe antibiotics, outside of a clearly life threatening situation, should be cause for their dismissal as health care providers.

The use of even mild dosages of antibiotics into our children totally devastates and kills a large percentage of the micro flora contained in every part of the child's body. The resulting imbalance allows for a rapid unchecked population explosion of the candida fungus, which is a naturally occurring fungus in the body. With the normal healthy bacterial population candida is just one of hundreds of our normal micro flora and is therefore kept in it's normal population context. As antibiotics have no ability to kill candida, the body bomb effect of antibiotics leaves this natural fungus with no checks and balances, thus resulting in it's population explosion.

This candida problem can stay with the child into adulthood and is the underlying trigger for many if not all disharmonious and emotional problems developing in the body for years, if not for life.

As the candida population goes up its need for food increases. The predominant food sources candida requires are sugar and gluten. This is why many people with high candida loadings have cravings for sugar and grain based products. Sugar and muffin cravings are very often an extremely definite sign that your micro flora balance is becoming very distorted. To lower your candida levels, the total abstinence of sugar and all grain intake is of paramount importance.

In order to rebalance the micro flora in your system, it is necessary to reintroduce the natural bacterias. Many Natural Health Consultants have been recommending Acidophilus for this purpose. However although this is beneficial, on it's own it will not create the balance that is required. Acidophilus bacteria does not act as a strong enough pathogen fighter and thereby does not reduce the candida fungus count enough. On its own it will simply not do the job.

With the latest scientific understanding and knowledge about stomach bacterias we can now use the newly found natural bacterias such as the B.O.D. strain of Bifidus in the form of Supreme Flora/Flora Balance or other electrically available flora such as L. Salivarus and L. Plantarium (also available through www.electricalnutrition.com). When these bacteria are combined with Acidophilis, the required decrease in the candida loading is in most cases guaranteed. In fact, using the above bacteria combined with a diet that eliminates all sugar and all grain is the most effective anti-candida program one could avail themselves of.

To use any candida control program that does not utilize the B.O.D. strain of Bifidus is, as far as I am concerned, to be naive to the findings of the latest scientific research. The B.O.D. strain is the most effective candida killing natural bacteria to have been discovered. It's effectiveness is dramatically greater than Acidophilis but the above combination appears to enhance the qualities of each and the combination is extremely powerful.

Incorrect candida loadings on our body's system could be seen as the single biggest trigger in the development of all childhood disease scenarios. In fact, taken outside the childhood parameter, candida is the biggest single infliction of non life-threatening health problems in the western world and is always the precursor for chronic fatigue syndrome. There are over 2,000 physical symptoms attributed to candida imbalances in the body. Candida growth explosion and massive symptomatic problems have been known to the top echelons of medical science since the mid 1950's.

Our medical profession has chosen to ignore the devastation of the human body as the result of this imbalance because antibiotics were believed to be the panicure for the human race's ills, no doubt helped by the fact that antibiotics were the leading profit makers for many years. How then could the medical system own up to the fact that it's most profitable product was the cause of nearly every disease that walked into their clinics.

But then again, it may have been that antibiotics were recognized as the king hit. Every time you prescribed them you knew that the body's immune system would be further comprised and even more disease would then transpire. You had a winner, a never-ending stream of sick people, made sick by the perceived cure. The perfect and very profitable business.

Even though candida and it's related symptoms were becoming glaringly obvious to the highest echelons of medical science, the mindset and the momentum that the antibiotic industry had generated for itself was an extremely difficult juggernaut to slow and have any hope of reversing.

When a mother brings to me a child who is suffering from multiple symptoms such as chronic runny nose, repetitive ear ache, pasty colored skin, pimples, period problems, irritability, dysfunctional behavior, learning difficulties, anti social behavior and just obviously looking as if it's little body is simply struggling for it's survival of life, and upon questioning when the child had last been prescribed antibiotics, the mother more times than not, with tears in her eyes, draws the latest antibiotic prescription from her purse. Knowing full well that antibiotics only added to the disharmony in the child's body, the mother in desperation was seeking another answer.

Candida and it's related symptoms are so easy to be seen by the trained eye and also by looking at the energy field of the client that I can pick up and read the candida loading within minutes of the client being in my presence.

One of the classical physical symptoms is redness around the upper and or lower eyelids. Other symptoms are food allergies, reactivities, chemical intolerances and general inability to function in this modern world. These symptoms are always, always associated with the antibiotic / candida / micro flora imbalance. Many people, especially females, relate candida to a narrow group of problems such as vaginal yeast infections but in fact yeast infections, athlete's foot, severe itchiness of the skin, are just a few of the many hundreds of candida symptoms.

It is surprising to me the shocked questioning look I get from mothers who have brought me their children with what they have been told are food allergies, and I categorically state that there is no such disease as a food allergy. Food allergies are the physical symptom of the body's inability to correctly ferment and thus make electrically available the particular electrical matrix that was ingested. It is the body's reaction to the poisons or toxins produced that we call an allergy. Often it is possible to trace so-called allergic reactions, for example dairy intolerance, back to the destruction of the gut bacteria caused by antibiotics (in young children it can also be the result of the doctor induced trauma mentioned earlier blowing its system out). It is not the dairy product itself, which is the cause of the allergy but rather the fact that the child/adult does not have the correct biological terrain necessary to breakdown or digest the dairy products.

In my clinical experience, cesarean birth children have a higher incidence of allergies due to their stomach never receiving the full compliment of live colostrum. Add these scenarios to the electrical bombing of immunization shots at six weeks of age and you could not create a better recipe for illness and disease if you tried.

These three body bombs, post birth trauma, antibiotics and immunizations, are the three things that I would suggest are creating a large portion of all illnesses we develop in our lives. The only way we will be able to increase our health and vitality is to remove the causes of our malfunctioning electrical body and stop treating the symptoms of these body bombs by stopping the bombing.

Due to the widespread damage to our electrical system our immune system has been continually under stress since our childhood and as we progress through our life our immune system is never able to obtain it's full, correct function.

The priority in rebuilding our health and vigor would be to rebuild immune function and micro flora balance. This rebuilding process can be done with the correctly formulated and electrically available natural bacteria, enzymes, minerals and herbal supplementation. Very often as we go about this rebuilding process we will need specific electrical work done to our energy system by a particularly well-qualified and experienced Vibrational Medicine Practitioner.

One of the most profound self help things any of us can do is to have adequate levels of available proteins in our diet and to have more than what would seem to be adequate free movement such as dance and childhood physical playing activities. Extremely physical and repetitive sports and gym workouts produce more toxins and stress in the body than are usually cleaned out.

Happy, joyous movement is by far the best "exercise", free dance is definitely near the top of the list. Lymphacizing (bouncing on an electrically tuned mini-trampoline: www.electricalnutrition.com)
is the best de-toxing lymphatic draining and immune system enhancing movement one can undertake. Good brisk walking is also extremely beneficial.

None of the above suggestions in isolation will do everything for you, but put together with balance they all add to the potential of each other, so the sum becomes very much greater than the individual components. This is the basis of Electrical Nutrition and Vibrational Wellness.

For more information on our Vibrational Wellness trainings visit: www.vibrationalwellness.com

(Reprinted by permission of the authors)