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    Pre & Postnatal Fitness & Nutrition

for Moms, Corporations, Schools, Community, Medical and Health Professionals.

Help Your Bottom Line by Helping Women Have a Healthier Baby With Prenatal Exercise and Proper Nutrition
Corporate HR Wellness Programs & Schools

your maternity health care cost and increase productivity by educating and promoting healthier pregnancies and babies. Mom's that exercise and eat well, have healthier and full term pregnancies and babies that are healthier and smarter. Most pregnancy and postpartum related problems can be prevented. And healthier babies means mom takes less days off.....For corporate fitness emplyee program training see below for: Medical & Health Professional 3 or 8 Hour course abstract.


    A seminar on fitness and exercise for the expectant mom and beyond; learning how to:

    • Safely exercise through pregnancy
    • Modify any sport during pregnancy
    • Increase you energy levels
    • Maintain good posture
    • Reduce most discomforts
    • Have a healthier pregnancy
    • "High risk" Pregnancy Exercise
    • Prevent premature delivery
    • Have an easier and shorter labor
    • Deliver a healthier and smarter baby
    • Prevent the postpartum "Blues"
    • Get back into shape faster!

    A seminar on nutrition for the expectant mom and beyond; learning how to:

    • Grow a healthier child, physically and mentally.
    • Prevent allergies, obesity, and diseases.
    • Gain less weight.
    • Reduce discomforts of morning sickness, edema, and other ailments.
    • Prevent gestational diabetes
    • Daily menu plans.
    • Do's and don'ts about herbs, vitamins, and other supplements.

      Medical and Health Professionals
      3 HOURS FITNESS - general
      8 HOURS FITNESS - specific exercise prescription suitable for physical therapists and personal trainers

      Medical and Health Professionals
      3 & 8 hours fitness

      The most significant practice implications of this presentation are to provide medical practitioners with the latest medical research of prenatal exercise and the benefits thereof to the pregnant mother and future health of her child; how to assess a pregnant woman for exercise - prescribe and modify any activity on an individual basis; in addition, knowledge on the prevention of postural and any other pregnancy-related discomforts.

    • Describe and understand the benefits of prenatal exercise to both mother and child
    • Understand the medical research of how the synergy of pregnancy and exercise creates a feto-protective environment
    • Identify appropriate and non-appropriate exercise activities and programs for a pregnant or postpartum individual
    • Describe and understand exercise guidelines and how to modify all sports and activities, including "high risk" pregnancy exercise
    • Identify and prescribe appropriate techniques for spinal alignment, hip and abdominal displacement, stress, breathing, and relaxation for all pregnant women - health to high risk, non-active to athletic
    • OUTLINE I. Synergistic feto-protective benefits of pregnancy and exercise A. Benefits to mother and child B. Identifying old and inaccurate myths C. Medical research II. Exercise Guidelines and Modification A. A.C.O.G. guidelines B. A.C.S.M. and General Guidelines C. Recommendation and Prescription D. High Risk III. Postpartum Fitness Guidelines

      March of Dimes

      "Thanks you so much for giving the "Exercise During Pregnancy" seminar to Western Digital. I've heard a million complaints, they absolutely loved your presentation! I can't thank you enough for all that you do for the March of Dimes. We are so lucky to have you!" - Shauna, Director March of Dimes OC chapter, CA

      Birgitta's book is an excellent balanced source of information that should find its way to each pregnant woman who desires to remain active in pregnancy." - Raul Artal, MD, FACOG, FAGSM, Professor and Chairman, Dept. of OB/Gyn, SUNY, Health Science Center at Syracuse.

      Client PhotoBirgitta, She's here! She is perfect. Thank you so much for your help! Love Kathy." - Kathy Najimy, new mother, actress, "Veronica's Closet" and "Sister Act"

      "I want to thank you for sending me your comprehensive text dedicated to prenatal fitness. As a fitness educator for over 20 years, I found your book refreshingly current... I appreciated you introducing us to your brilliant book." - Valerie Pokomy, B.Sc., Shape Mgt. and Fitness First

      Client Photo"...When those boys were born, the purpose was clear. I did it for them as much as for me... As you read on, you'll be impressed with /Birgitta's dedicated and thorough research and incredible knowledge on pre- and postnatal fitness." - Jane Seymour, from the forward of Expecting Fitness


      Logo"Thanks you for leading [your seminar] for the Warner Bros. Wellness Program. Your professionalism and organization contributed to an effective workshop. Your visual displays and handouts transmitted a wealth of helpful material. Your commitment to current research and knowledge is evident." - Britney Bart, Health Educator, Warner Bros.