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Personal In-Home Fitness for Moms in Los Angeles by Birgitta. Skype packages availabe for those not in Los Angeles. From beginners to athletes looking for safe pre & postnatal fitness or trying to get pregnant. Proper exercise and nutrition can improve fertility.

Specialty: Medically approved exercise programs for "High Risk" and "bed-rest" pregnancies.


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Christmas Spices – Divine design? and a great excuse to eat cookies….

Just as we head into winter, with colder weather, darker days and increased suffering of colds, flues, seasonal depression and indigestion from heavier comfort foods; out comes all sorts of sweet dishes, spiced with divine flavors of the old ancient world, dating back almost 5,000 years, such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and specifically in Sweden; saffron.  All of these spices are not just divine aromatically, but have been used since 2700 B.C. across Asia, the Middle East, Egypt, Rome and Greece, for their medicinal qualities of antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-depressive, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties that can help against flues, colds, depression, infections, digestive issues and even cancer. German documents from year 1100, states this and these spices were likely brought to Sweden by the widely traveled Vikings who were instrumental in not just bringing oriental items to Scandinavia but establishing the European trade and trade routes across the continents from the 800’s on.
Ground Cloves and Cinnamon rank #2 and #7 on the ORAC scale of foods highest in antioxidants:  290,283 and 131,420 respectively, compared with 9,600 and 4,600 for wild organic blueberries vs. regular blueberries based on 100gr volume.

  • Cloves are also a natural pain reliever, and helps periodontal disease (you know... all that sugar).
  • Cinnamon is shown to prevent diabetes by lowering blood sugar, aiding in carbohydrate metabolism, and usually accompanies all things carbohydrates and sugar. Such as Armenian gingerbread cookies brought by Germans to Sweden in the 13th century, and the Swedish invention of cinnamon rolls (Kanelbulle).        
  • Vanilla is used in many sweets and acts as an anti-inflammatory counteracting the effects of sugar.
  • Ginger is well-known for its tonic effects on digestion, flatulence, bloating and even migraines that are often effects of consuming too much holiday food.   
  • Nutmeg helps digestive issues.     
  • Chocolate boosts mood, heart health and aids sun damage and brain health.
  • Saffron aids digestion, PMS, depression, and helps prevent cancer, colds & flues.

It’s truly as if, these spices were divinely designed and meant to accompany sugary foods to limit sugars inflammatory effects on us, especially during colder weather. Now that’s not a greenlight to eat too much – moderation is always prudent for a healthy Christmas.
God Jul to all! 


An "old" Peruvian fertily secret is now mainstream and easily available. Research shows that maca root powder  increases sperm count and semen volume, and may improve both erectile and ovarian function. Dr. Ernesto Chacon,  discovered the four alkaloids present in maca  that are responsible for its reputed positive effects on these hormonal issues. Those who have added maca to their diet claim a significant increase in libido, enhanced sexual function and desire.

Maca  has already been used for centuries in South America for fertility. In the United States and Europe men and women who have had difficulty conceiving are beginning to report pregnancies after using maca.  To get the best  results both partners (male/female) should be using  Maca while working on conception.  Women usually stop taking maca when pregnancy is discovered and resume Maca if they are breast-feeding to support milk production.
The recommendation is Red Maca for women and Black Maca or Cream Maca for men as the research indicates that these colors are the best for each respective gender in terms of boosting fertility.

Main Benefits of Maca: increased and improved energy, stamina, memory, libido, fertility, hair growth, skin tone, thyroid health, bone and tooth strength, mental focus and clarity and reduced risk of depression. Osteoperois and menopause is reduced in women and men benefit from better prostate health. I have really scoured the internet to find the very best Maca and The Maca Team defenitly has the best. Their Maca is grown traditionally and organically in the high mountains of Peru (above 14,000 feet). Theirs is always certified organic, and they just got a new fresh shipment in. I don't sell this myself but to purchase either capsules or powder, you can either click on ad on the right or this LINK.


Your Baby's first fruit E-Book. Beautiful pictures of 38 fruits, from all over the world for children globally to learn about fruit and their healthy benefits in a simple, easy to learn way. Though most fruits have similar benefits, this book gives each fruit a distinct complimentary benefit. Today when so many children have never seen a fresh fruit, with The Healthy Baby Fruit book, you can teach your child of the worlds fruits to entice your child to excellent nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Can a violent nature be prevented? The short answer: yes, for the most part, but not always. A violent nature doesn’t just happen; it is not in our human nature when healthy, to kill adorable little children, or anyone for that matter. We need to look for the root cause of these horrendous incidences rather than blame the wrong end of the problem.This is a mental health issue. Not a.... <-read more

A study from the University of Essen, Germany, found that prenatal exercise can have long term preventative effects of neurological disease in the child, by creating better nerve connections.

New findings in sleep patterns finds; not only does less sleep cause weight gain, the time of sleep matters too. Children that go early to bed and rise early are leaner than kids that stay up late and get up late, according to scientist @ University of South Australia. The difference can be attributed to acitivities, as children that go to bed late, spend more time on TV and computers and early risers are more active.

Research at Stanford University found that women who ate a healthy diet in the year before concieving gave birth to fewer babies with neural tube defects of brain or spine, and cleft lip defects. Women that consumed the most fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, fish & healthy olive oils had a 24-51% less risk of having a baby with a birth defect.